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Tree Cutting

NGED operates a tree cutting programmes with sufficient frequency to ensure that trees do not become a danger and, where appropriate, we even carry out more extensive clearance to enhance network resilience. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure safety and minimise the risk of trees falling into overhead power lines during stormy weather.

NGED employs a combination of routine inspections and cutting-edge LiDAR technology, which is mounted on our helicopters, to detect tree infestation. This approach allows us to gather comprehensive data and make informed decisions when directing tree cutting activities. 

LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing technology that uses laser light to measure and map the environment. NGED, operates a fleet of helicopters equipped with LiDAR sensors to collect geospatial data.  

In the event of a power cut, it's important to be prepared. Take a moment to watch our videos on how to get ready for a power cut below, and if you need additional assistance, please reach out to our vulnerable customer service team using the link provided below. 

You can also refer to the details on your letter and call the local office should you require further information. Thank you for your understanding, we are committed to minimising these disturbances as much as possible.



Whilst we always endeavour to carry out our work with the minimum amount of inconvenience to our customers, there will be times where we have no choice but to interrupt the electricity supply. Even in these cases, we try to opt for the times that are best for the majority of our customers, but because of our extensive rolling work program, this is not always possible.


What can you do?

Keep a torch handy and make sure you check its batteries.

Make up flasks with hot drinks and food for use during the supply interruption.

Keep you freezer door shut while the electricity supply is off.